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Case Study on Implementing Postini SPAM Protection:

Restoring Email Security and Sanity


Business Challenge: Email virus concerns and growing SPAM crisis

The network addressed is for a realty office; email is being hosted on their own Exchange Server and is considered a critical source of communication with clients and internal staff. A survey showed that over 70% of the email being delivered to the Exchange Server was SPAM. This did not include the “Directory Harvest Attacks” that are designed to bombard the Exchange Server with emails containing thousands of names for their domain. An example would be an alphabetical list like,, etc… Additionally, because of previous encounters with email that contained viruses, users were requested to not open emails from people they did not know.

One instance of critical business impact was when several “Directory Harvest Attacks” occurred at the same time. This caused Internet access to come to a complete standstill due to network traffic and subsequently caused their email services to stop all together. Basically, the Exchange Server became so overcrowded with non deliverable email that it bottled up their bandwidth.

Implementation: Postini is selected to fight the battle against SPAM

While the need existed for correcting the email issues that were being experienced, some of the concerns that the Partners/Owners of the firm had with implementing a SPAM solution were:

  • Mail delivery speed
  • Not receiving newsletters or solicitations from desired clients
  • Providing the users with a way to review quarantined email
  • Minimum down time during mail transition
  • Viruses entering network via email

After considering several options for securing the network from SPAM, it was decided to utilize Postini Email Security Services. Postini’s services provide companies with the highest levels of email protection, the most flexibility, and the easiest solution to implement. The conversion was performed by setting up user accounts, redirecting email through Postini, then locking down the email services. No email delivery was missed and the process was seamless to the end user.

Results: What were the benefits?

After the conversion, Postini’s pass-through technology now processes all Internet based email bound for the company’s email server. Within milliseconds, Postini’s heuristic anti-spam and virus engines separate junk email and viruses from legitimate messages. Legitimate email messages are immediately sent to the addressee while junk email is quarantined in a web based, password protected Message Center. Because the server was set to only allow email delivery from Postini, individuals who attempt to perform “Directory Harvest Attacks” can no longer connect to the server and overwhelm the Internet connection.

A recent survey of the mail system showed that out of the 19,531 emails that would have been delivered to the server, 14,306 SPAM or messages containing viruses were blocked. The decrease of spam email has significantly increased employee productivity. By eliminating the high volume of SPAM the employees receive each day, the employees focus less on email management and more on client service.

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