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Success Stories


Turning the Unmanageable Network Around

The network addressed is for a law firm; they had an ad-hoc network setup, sharing their data between workstations. The firm was attempting to save money using a break-fix mentality and minimalist approach. The network that had grown over time became more of a liability than a benefit and was simply unmanageable, stunting the growth of the firm and affecting their bottom line.


Restoring Email Security and Sanity

The network addressed is for a realty office; email is being hosted on their own Exchange Server and is considered a critical source of communication with clients and internal staff. A survey showed that over 70% of the email being delivered to the Exchange Server was SPAM.


Virtual Solutions Create Real Business Continuity

The company addressed is a telemarketing call center that runs over 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. Legacy servers were beginning to fail causing a halt to company work. The older technology was causing an overall slowdown in users’ ability to access network and server resources. Server growth was beginning to become a challenge to manage. All of which was beginning to impacting the company’s ability to generate revenue.

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